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Packages In SEO

Packages In SEO
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The minimum duration for which BitXpert takes up any new project is 6 - 7 months for this plan. This helps us focus on driving our SEO efforts in organized fashion to produce best results for the clients. (We will review our SEO plan quarterly based on the detailed quarterly site analysis report).

Standard SEO Activities will contain the following SEO Techniques.
On Page SEO Techniques:-
Website Evaluation
  • Evaluating the current website.
Keywords/Key Phrases
  • Research, Analysis, and Selection (performed once), Search density and user preference. Report is generated once in a month and keywords adjusted if required.
Competitor analysis
  • Competitor analysis has several important roles in strategic planning
Web Page Optimization
  • Title, Description, Meta, Link and Alt tag optimization on all web pages (one time if required)
Coding Errors
  • Reports code errors on the primary pages (primary page will be corrected during SEO Process)
Important Files
  • Add or correct important root files to allow for better robot crawling (one time if required) Google Analytics Code Generation & Insertion, XML Sitemap Generation & Uploading and Robots.txt files Generation & Uploading
Link Checker
  • Run and repair broken links for the client (Performed Weekly)
Traffic Stats
  • A special tracking code gets an accurate report on website traffic.

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