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Our Methodology

systematized work approach to achieve superior results

We follow a systematized work approach to achieve superior results. First, a raw figure is charted based on the client's information, which is then converted to required format after the client's evaluation.

After various steps the significant objective is achieved, and the project is delivered to the clients. Our team helps us in the fulfillment of all the activities and use advanced software to provide best results.


  • Based on client survey, we create 2-3 design samples in Photoshop.
  • After the Client's evaluation of the design sample, 10 -15 important secondary pages of the website are designed to provide a clear picture to the client.


  • In order to demonstrate the flow of the website, by interlinking various pages the Photoshop files are converted to HTML/CSS.
  • These pages are then tested as per the W3C Standards on the IE8 and Mozilla 3.0.17 browsers.


  • Development is done on various technologies including PHP/MySQL, ASP.NET/MSSQL and JAVA to name a few.
  • Depending on client's requirements, we provide custom coding using various frameworks like Cake PHP, Cube Cart and Joomla among others


  • Unit, Functional, Integration and Regression Testing are performed by the test engineers.
  • Testing Team conducts testing by using Mantis-Bug Tracking tool to fix the Bugs on the website.

Quality Assurance & Project Completion Report

  • Software quality department verify the pre-defined quality standards checklist, at the end of the project
  • A project completion report is prepared, which is verified by managers of all concerned departments and is then shared with the client

Project Delivery

Website is uploaded on the Client's Server, after complete satisfaction of the client and our team.

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